Simple chơi game and controls makes this a good trò chơi choice for anyone Play with a friend as you team up lớn save the world Upload your high scores khổng lồ complete with others online Multiple weapons & powerups Ability khổng lồ customize controls và difficult levels


Repetitive elements can limit trả lời value Sounds effects get annoying after a while

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Game Description

Noooo.....They're Back!!!!

In the first chapter of the Chicken Invaders saga, you defended earth against an invasion of intergalactic chickens seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren.

However, as you were frying the last fleet of chickens trying lớn scramble Earth, the true scale of the problem became apparent: the first invasion was simply a precursor khổng lồ the chicken's main assault!

Their master plan now becomes clear: to lớn invade every planet in the solar system & make sure that it is inhabited only by chickens!

The time has now come to lớn don your Teflon-coated helmet and make the biggest omelette ever as you continue your adventure in Chicken Invaders 2: The Next Wave. Only you can win this battle. Will you be able lớn pulvarize this poultry or will be charbroiled in the process?

Just remember, whatever you do:DON'T EAT THE EGGS!

More Chicken Invaders! More Chicken Invaders!

If you are up for the challenge, try the new Chicken Invaders 3 Revenge of the Yolk - sure khổng lồ scramble your brains as you fry the latest chicken menace!

Chicken Invaders 2 Review

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Fast Facts

Chicken Invaders 2: the Next Wave was released on December 22, 2002It was developed & published by InterAction StudiosVersions of the game have been released for Linux, Mac, và WindowsThe game was later ported khổng lồ the iPhone, iPad và Android di động devicesA special Christmas Edition of the trò chơi was released in November 2003 with Christmas-themed modificationsThe game is the second in a series of arcade-style games. Other games in the series include Chicken Invaders (2002); Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk (2006); and Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk: Christmas Edition (2006)Inspiration for the game came from the classic arcade hit Space InvadersThe game offers 110 levels of chicken-destroying mayhem - including 10 secret levelsThe game offers the possibility of uploading your high scores to the internet leaderboardsThe Chicken Invaders series is InterAction Studios most popular franchise. They"https://viviancosmetics.vn/choi-game-chicken-invaders-2/imager_3_4383_700.jpgve also developed Island Wars 2 and the Loco series

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