Describe a sport/ trò chơi you enjoy playing.

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You should say:

What kind of trò chơi or sports it is?Who you play it with/Where you play it?

and explain why you enjoy playing it.

Possible answer for the above speaking cue cards

I’ve played several games, both indoor and outdoor games, và still try lớn play whenever I get time. Among those games, I enjoyed playing chess more than others. Chess is an indoor trò chơi where two players participate. This trò chơi does not involve any major physical movements lượt thích other outdoor games but a chess player has to use his/her brain & make trò chơi plans khổng lồ defeat the opponent.

I mostly play this trò chơi with my friends and cousins. Sometimes I play it with my father & senior relatives. Since playing chess requires only placing the board on a surface và sitting position of the two participating players, it is convenient khổng lồ play chess almost anywhere. I mostly play it at our veranda, garden or bedroom. I enjoy this game because I have a fascination for this trò chơi from my childhood and I really lượt thích the overall theme and barnstorming involved in this game. It’s a thought-provoking trò chơi that gives the participating players to lớn use their brains. A player can apply his/her strategy, & then allure the opponent to lớn fall into a trap which is much lượt thích a real battlefield.

It’s not a game where someone would only use the physical movements rather the game requires a perfect trò chơi plan, finding weaknesses of the opponent và a battle strategy. This game gives you a feel of being the King of a regime where you decide your country men’s fate. For all those reasons this is a very interesting & enjoyable game to me.

How khổng lồ answer this cue card?

Since the cue card is about your favourite trò chơi or sports, you can talk about any indoor or outdoor trò chơi or thể thao you play or know about. Alternatively, you can talk about the computer games as well. If this is an indoor trò chơi you want khổng lồ talk about pick chess, card, table tennis, bowling, carom, computer game, gaming device game or any other trò chơi you prefer. For the indoor games, you can mention that you regularly play it with your family members or friends and enjoy it a lot. Generally, physical exercise is not involved in indoor games except table tennis và you should focus on the mental improvement and enjoyment the indoor games offer. Indoor games are usually played inside homes và you should mention that you play it in your house, veranda, drawing room or in a guestroom. You should also mention that you play it in your relatives’ houses or friends’ houses as well.

If you pick an outdoor game, like cricket, football, badminton, rugby you should mention that you play it with your friends và some of the neighbours. Sometimes unknown people join in such games where more than 7-8 players are needed. Mention that these games are refreshing và a good way of keeping your health fit.

For the question why vị you enjoy playing this game, you should mention that you have a great passion for this trò chơi or thể thao and you have been playing it for a long time. You can also mention that you are usually good at it and your percentage of winning the trò chơi is very good. If you talk about an indoor game, mention the excitement và brainstorming it offers & the way you enjoy playing it with your family members và friends. For the outdoor games mention the health benefits it offers and the way you enjoy playing it.

The follow-up question of this cue card might ask you the most common types of games và sports played in your country so you should prepare for that as well.


Question 1. What types of sports are popular in your country?Question 2. What are the benefits of playing a sport?Question 3. Vì you think the types of thể thao that are popular will change in the future?Question 4. How can sports bring people from different countries closer together?Question 5. What are the advantages of hosting different international sporting events in a country?Question 6. How can we encourage children khổng lồ participate in different types of sporting activities?

Being able to answer this question would help you answering the following cue thẻ topics also:

Talk about something you enjoy doing at home.

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Describe something you bởi vì often.Talk about an outdoor activity you have.Describe a healthy habit you have.Describe a trò chơi or sports you often play.Describe something you do with your friends or family members.Talk about a national sport or game in your country.

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Describe something you enjoy doing.

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