Ever since Riot Games’ biggest title came out, a war between the MOBA games has erupted. And if we are khổng lồ pin down the key differences between Dota 2 & League of Legends, we will need khổng lồ consider all aspects of the genre.

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LoL, và Dota 2 are the most popular video clip games in this field. Both of them have masses and masses of followers, although one surpasses the other. However, their style of play, their pace, their characters are nowhere the same. Anyone who has tried their h& at both League of Legends & Dota 2 can tell you how different of an experience they provide.

Here we will examine the key points that make the most significant differences between Dota 2 và League of Legends. So let’s start with their history!

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The Key Differences Between Dota 2 and League of Legends
1. History
2. Design
3. Heroes & Champions
Why is this?
4. Roles
5. Gameplay
6. Community
7. Difficulty
The Key Differences Between Dota 2 & League of Legends

1. History


Okay, both of these games are MOBAs, sure, but their gameplay differs by a mile.

League of Legends is more or less a simplified version of the original DOTA All-Stars custom maps. At first, it was chaotic, và roles were a lot closer khổng lồ what was present in DOTA, but as time passed, League grew inlớn an orderly game where everyone had a part to lớn play.

This detailed development of roles and Riot’s active sầu influence on creating a particular gameplay system in their MOBA alienated League from its alternative. Of course, the roles in League of Legends are Top-Mid-Jungle-Bot, a structure that Riot blatantly works on keeping, cutting down any divergence from it (i.e. Funnel, 3 Bot, etc.).

League of Legends is faster, the maps is smaller, và the overall game lasts a lot shorter. The Champions are all structured around one of the roles mentioned above &, though there can be some versatility, most fall within a mold that Riot envisions for them.

DOTA 2 remained true khổng lồ its predecessor & expanded upon the formula. The same developer who created the DOTA maps – Ice Frog – is the lead developer for the map’s continuation, allowing for a more authentic experience.

DOTA 2 is built on chaos, & though there are roles, they are played in ways unimaginable to your average League of Legends player. There are usually two supports in the game, và many Heroes (the counterpart to Champions) can persize the role.

Ice Frog tends khổng lồ design Heroes closer to specific roles than others, but there is no single role assigned lớn any Hero in the game. Some are just better at things than others, and versatility is universal for most.

The maps is almost twice the form size of that in League. The overall pace is slower (but does get fast towards the later points in the game). The games usually last about an hour or more, depending on the game mode you’re playing.

DOTA 2 offers many different game modes lớn play & even custom ones. League’s TFT was created as a custom game mode in DOTA 2, then called DOTA Autochess.

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In terms of variety, versatility, và freedom of gameplay, DOTA 2 is the king. Keep in mind this can create incredible disorder and lead to lớn unbalanced teams that can suffer significantly lớn even remain dormant throughout the game, let alone win it.

Take your time khổng lồ evaluate what fits you better: order and pre-determined cohesion or chaos and variety/versatility of gameplay. I suggest you spover at least a few hours on both lớn experience all the games have khổng lồ offer.

6. Community

It is no secret that League of Legends has a bigger player base than Dota 2. It is also a more popular Esports scene, which additionally draws in more và more players lớn try out the game.

But generally, League of Legends tends lớn have a younger audience than Dota 2. As an older title, Dota 2 has amassed years và years of experience, so it’s a bit hard lớn get into lớn right now. On the other h&, League of Legends is very accessible, easy, and fun at first sight, so anyone can give it a shot!

7. Difficulty

As the simpler one, League is much easier lớn get inkhổng lồ & play. The roles are there to lớn guide you inlớn what you like to vì chưng, and there is a solid system in place khổng lồ introduce new players to lớn the game.

DOTA 2 is notoriously hard lớn get into lớn. It is complex, the itemization system tends to lớn be confusing, và there are barely any proper introduction systems to ease new players in.

Most of the difficulty in DOTA 2 lies in its complicated nature. The patches tkết thúc to change the game entirely, shift & move sầu the map around, etc. It can be frustrating as a new player to start getting used lớn things only for Ice Frog to lớn pull a 180 and revert/change everything put in place up lớn that point.

Though challenging, DOTA does offer a fantastic experience that League can barely replicate at times. Still, despite playing both games intensively, sometimes I want lớn relax & play a simple blind pick on the Rift and not worry about things.


It would be futile lớn say which game is better, as they differ enough to be their own thing despite the similarities in genre & some gameplay aspects. My advice to lớn any new players trying out both games is: Slow it down, enjoy what is offered, and try out as many things as possible.

Do not make the mistake of rushing lớn slam or praise the games. They represent marvels of modern game thiết kế & the multiplayer concept in general, with millions playing them each day, with numbers only increasing as time goes on.

At any rate, both are great from my point of view. Some may disagree and look to lớn start a war between the two (as is often the case with the internet), but I just like them both in their own way.

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