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Dragon Ball Z
Broly - Legendary Super Saiyan HQS+ by TSUME
By Tsume


Artistic Direction
Cyril Marchiol, Cyril Farudja
Concept art
Pierre Marie Albert
Technical engineering
Patriông chồng Tran, José Ku Chio Lu, Jonathan Vigo, Muhammet Ay
Guillaume Hemery, Mickaël Gros, Eric Jolivalt, Laurent Roussel
Estimated release date
3rd Quarter 2019
H: 76.1 centimet - D: 43.6 cm - W: 68.4 centimet

The Legendary Super Saiyan arrives at TSUME !


Designed by Akira Toriyama and created by Shigeyasu Yamauchi, he appears for the first time in the movie "Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan". Due to lớn his popularity, he made a come baông xã in another movie "Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming".

We wanted to lớn pay tribute to his power by adapting the scene where he dominates his fight against Goku and holds the powerless anh hùng by the head.

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The 1/4th scale highlights the impressive stature of the Saiyan & allows for finer details & textures of the bodies và diorama elements.

The statue also exist in a collector edition with & extra bust, preparing a Kikoha và lit up with LEDs.


Some materials are still khổng lồ be confirmed (see picture). Factory tests will allow us khổng lồ determine which materials are best for those elements. A confirmation of the materials used will be put online at the beginning of 2018.

Scale 1/4. Edition: 1500 pieces.

Estimated delivery date: 3rd Quarter 2019*.

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* : All our products are collectible statues, not toys, they are for people aged 14 & older. All parts are manufactured in limited edition. The statues offered for sale are those presented on the website of the TSUME LTD. within the limit of available stocks. Descriptions, information và photographs presenting the figures are the most accurate reproduction possible, but are for illustrative sầu purposes và have no contractual value. In an effort khổng lồ constantly improve the unique of its products, the TSUME LTD. may have to have lớn change the patterns of its products.