(Effective sầu Isotropic Radiated Power) - is an equivalent effective sầu isotropic radiated power defined as a power that would have sầu lớn be radiated by a hypothetical isotropic antenmãng cầu to achieve sầu identical signal màn chơi in the direction of maximum radiation of a specific antenna.”

In accordance to lớn Polish and EU regulations, the maximum power that can be used lớn transmit in the specific WLAN frequency range (exceeding the power means that you are breaking the law):

2400,0 – 2483,5 MHz (2.4 GHz band) - power up to 100 mW E.I.R.P.. (trăng tròn dBm),5150 – 5350 MHz (5 GHz band) - power up lớn 200 mW E.I.R.P. (23 dBm) - for indoor use only,5725 – 5875 MHz (5 GHz band) - power up khổng lồ 1000 mW E.I.R.P.. (30 dBm).

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Consider the following to lớn prsự kiện E.I.R.Phường. thresholds from being exceeded:

transmitter (e.g. network adapter, access point) output power,cable type, length & attenuation at operating frequency and connector attenuation, antenmãng cầu power gain.

For a system including a transmitter (e.g. a wireless router), cable and antenmãng cầu, E.I.R.Phường. is calculated from the following formula:

E.I.R.P.. = P – l x Tk + Gi

Phường. – transmitter power in dBml – cable length in metresTk – attenuation for 1 metre of cable at operating frequency of the transmitterGi - power gain of the isotropic antenna in dB

To simplify:

E.I.R.P. = transmitter power (dBm) + antenmãng cầu gain (dBi) – cable attenuation (dB) – connector attenuation (dB)

To simplify, attenuation of a single connector is = 0.5 dB

Example. WLAN operating at 2,4 GHz band:

16 dBm access point, 8 dBi omnidirectional antenmãng cầu,8 metre cable TRI-LAN-240 (attenuation for 2.4 GHz is 0.4 dB / metre), i.e. 8 x 0.4 dB = 3.2 dB,two connectors – attenuation + 2 x 0.5 dB = 1 dB.

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E.I.R.P. = 16 dBm + 8 dBi – 3,2 dB – 1 dB = 19,8 dBm (i.e. the power màn chơi meets the requirements - less than trăng tròn dBm).

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Example: for a 13 dBi gain antenna:

E.I.R.Phường. = 16 dBm + 13 dBi – 3,2 dB – 1 dB = 24,8 dBm (i.e. exceeded by 4,8 dBm!)

Remember, not all access points reduce the output power. Thus, it is better to use a high gain antenmãng cầu và a low power transmitter than a low gain antenna and a high power transmitter. The devices operate not only in transmission, but also reception mode, và thus the sensitivity of the receiver is also important.



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