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The Kamen Rider series celebrates its 35th anniversary with Kamen Rider Kabuto. Following tradition since the series resurrection in 2000, a trò chơi is released lớn follow each new series, và the latest trò chơi to the series name is its best yet. From Henshin khổng lồ Cast Off to finisher, this game is solid fun, even if you aren"t a fan hâm mộ of the show. The gameplay is very solid. Unlike the past 2D-based Rider games, the trò chơi is a full 3d fighter with an automatic but loose target lock for projectiles. There are several modes, including 3 story modes, linear fighter mode, and survival mode. In most modes, you can choose to lớn either fight with a CPU controlled partner, or solo. New characters and modes are unlocked as you clear different modes with certain characters. In battle, most Riders start in masked form, while most worms start in salisworm form. Riders can built up their Cast Off meter khổng lồ switch khổng lồ Rider form, allowing you khổng lồ cast off và use Clock Up and a finisher. Worms can bởi the same to molt into their new forms.

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(Fans of the show be aware, there is no Put On function in the game) Control is probably the only noticable weakpoint of the game. The controller thiết đặt is somewhat awkward, and it cannot be altered. After awhile however, it becomes easy to work with. Several moves have the same execution combination, such as Gatack"s non-lethal Rider Kick and Double Calibur equip, which can lead to your character"s bộ combo string being disrupted. The audio is mostly directly taken from the show. Yu-ki"s "NEXT LEVEL" plays in the opening movie, while Rider Chips" "Full Force" plays when the fighting intensifies. The gameplay music is original to lớn the game, although several tracks are severely lacking. All the actors from the show voice their respective characters with fresh dialogue, and the Zecter sound effects are taken from the show. Graphics are standard as far as PS2 games go. The armor in the Riders" thiết kế will sometimes ghost through the character model when placed in certain positions or movements, although it is nothing too noticable. While not a revolutionary game, the Kamen Rider Kabuto trò chơi is a faithful adaption to lớn the show và a fun trò chơi to play. Fans of the show will love it as a Kamen Rider game, & those who have never seen the show can appreciate it as a fighting game.