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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Download PC Game Full Version

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the third 3D game in the GTA series, moving from Vice City of the 80s to the world of hip hop and gangster riots of the 90s. You play as Carl Johnson, returning home to Los Santos after 5 years. Much has changed over the years and Carl begins to regain the reputation and influence of his gang. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ gameplay is a classic GTA – many scenes from cinematic plays, various missions, and many mini-games, spread across the world of free-roaming sandboxes.

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Changes in GTA San Andreas Game as Compared to Old Editions?

San Andreas is actually a conglomeration of cities – including Fierro, Las Venturra and Los Santos. Altogether, players have the most unusual chances of exploring the world. Download GTA San Andreas for free to freely explore the slums and wealthy cities of these cities. For the first time, the player started out as an independent thug and was able to recruit his own thugs into his gang, which gave him the greatest opportunity. From now on flights and attacks are easier, and at the same time, perfect shooting and driving are possible. For an already rich vehicle warehouse, this time you can get into a bicycle.

The player can also break into houses and apartments, and in addition, he has the opportunity to make money in casinos, game rooms and other buildings like this. The character can also fire two weapons at the same time and swim, which was previously impossible. The possibility is now very great – it is said that with GTA San Andreas, a new era of GTA begins, which is even more varied and more absorbing.

At the GTA San Andreas game download, what surprised us was its extraordinary care in preparing the world. The writers have visited three cities where they model their games (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas), and have moved them to the place chosen expertly. Slums, wealthy districts, and public buildings – the world observed from the point of view of criminals is very diverse and very interesting. The player is humorous, even black.

GTA San Andreas Game Pros:

Many activities to do on the large map of San Andreas.GTA San Andreas Game for PC is now playable online: Multiplayer.The great missions that stun the player.A character can be customized fully with all new skill levels.To look stronger, work in the gym.A wide array of mods.

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GTA SA Game Cons:

Some soundtracks and important things removed by Patch.Sometimes the mouse won`t work.

System Requirements for GTA San Andreas:


Windows XP or Windows 2000 operating system.1 GHz Pentium 3 processor or Athlon AMD Processor.256 MB RAM memory at least.64 MB Video Graphic Card Geforce 3 or higher.At least 3.6 GB free Hard Disk space required.Installation of software like SecuROM or Direct X.The terms and services must be checked before purchasing the product.

Recommended Requirements:

Intel Pentium IV or Athlon AMD XP Processor.384 MB of RAM or even more for a better.128 MB or even better graphic memory card for the best-Recommended card is Geforce 6.For a complete installation of game 7, GB hard disc drive memory required.A sound card that is compatible with Direct X9 is also required. The recommended card is Sound Blaster Audigy 2.

Requirements for Mac system:

Macintosh operating system (Snow Leopard 10.6) or even higher.Core 2 Duo Intel processor or greater than Core 2 Duo.1 GigaBytes of RAM.At least 5.2 GigaBytes of free space on the hard disk.NVidia 7300 GT video graphic card or higher for better performance.

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Other Requirements: Installation of software like SecuROM or Direct X.

GTA San Andreas Game Installation Instructions:

Download the archive from Download Link given below.Right-click on the file downloaded, Click on “Extract here”. (You need Winrar for this)Type as a password if it asks for a password.Once extracted, right-click on the file named “gta_sa.exe” to start the game.Enjoy