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It seems that the commitment made was to lớn the performance of a certain kind of task that did not include janitorial work. The pressure to lớn save sầu money has also encouraged institutions lớn cut back on day-to-day janitorial procedures while the periods between standard maintenance exp& & facilities fall toward disrepair. Các cách nhìn của các ví dụ ko bộc lộ cách nhìn của các chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press tốt của các công ty cấp phép. The total estimate, including the costs of staffing & financial information tư vấn, elections, training, staff replacement, advertising and janitorial overtime adds up to approximately £17·2 million or £5,682 per school. One flashbaông chồng implies the loss of a stuffed animal in the clutter of his bedroom led hyên to lớn take on a janitorial career. Janitorial services, security, bus washing & cleaning are outsourced khổng lồ third parties providing employment for additional 500 persons. All library employees, except for the county librarian, janitorial service, và landscape maintenance, work for the private company.

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Janitorial service often refers to lớn the use of a cleaning service for businesses rather than just residential. All rooms are fully furnished & residents reside in single, double, or triple rooms & use shared common bathrooms cleaned daily by janitorial staff. The trades taught were grounds-keeping, laundry, cooking và other cafeteria skills, carpentry, painting, masonry, janitorial work, electrical work, plumbing and steam-fitting, boiler maintenance, and printing. Product range covers all curriculum subjects as well as all the furniture, audio-visual, stationery and janitorial needs of schools & nurseries. Pushes for outsourcing of public school transportation, food service, & janitorial responsibilities. All rooms are fully furnished and residents reside in double, triple, or quad rooms and use shared comtháng bathrooms cleaned daily by janitorial staff.


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