Kungfu Master Awakening Skills Gameplay Trailer 2019


While their mighty punches and kicks can lay waste khổng lồ enemies, a Kung Fu Master’s true power is their ability khổng lồ catch an opponent’s attaông xã, divert the blow, then counter-attaông chồng in the blink of an eye.

Few can reach the unprecedented levels of the Kung Fu Master's strict và rigorous disciple lớn reach their full potential. Using nothing more than a Gauntlet on their arm & their trained bodies, the Kung Fu Master's grace in combat lớn deliver explosive sầu fists & flying kicks is perfect for being the target of the enemy's attention.

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Due lớn the unforgiving nature of their intricate fighting style, few choose the path of the Kung Fu Master. Only through diligence can they reach their full potential—train forever, surrender never.

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Dragon Fist

Channel your inner fire through your fists, counter enemy attacks, và smash opponents to lớn the ground. Manage your buffs, staggering them for maximum damage.

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Tiger Teeth

Augments Burning Fist so that it Pierces Parry skills

Augments Comet Strike so that it Pierces Defense and Parry skills


Allows you to use Shadow Dance, Footwork without a target

Enables you to use Ice Guard while using Counter

Flying Kick

Become as fierce as a thunderstorm and devastate your opponents. Build up power & unleash a flurry of kicks.

Fist of Iron

Enhances Titung Fist combination skills

Triggers additional damage on an accurate PvPhường Tirã Fist combination

Decreases the cooldown of Rising Dragon, Searing Stomp, và Flurry on a successful Tichảy Fist combination