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December trăng tròn, 2021 (3 days ago)
Last Day on Earth: Survival

Free Craft, Durability, Magic Split, Instant Walking...
Android 5.0Network required
Last Day on Earth MOD APK is a wise choice khổng lồ download right now whether you are a beginner or a proficient survivor. If you are new and not familiar with this game, let’s find out through the brief introduction below.quý khách hàng đang xem: Download last day on earth: survival (mod) 1

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Introducing Last Day on Earth: SurvivalMOD APK version of Last Day on Earth: Survival

Introducing Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a zombie survival game that is very attractive sầu I experienced beside Into lớn the Dead 2 (A survival game that combines FPS on the subject of zombies). Why vì chưng I still introduce the survival game Last Day on Earth: Survival while another survival game just posted yesterday?

There are two reasons: First, the game is just like Into the Dead 2 on the subject, & the story, gameplay và the perspective sầu of both games are completely different. The second, the game is an online game & has a perfect MOD version. It can be said, both of these games bring “crazy” moments no less than each other.

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I put Inlớn the Dead 2 on the scoreboard compared to lớn Last Day on Earth: Survival isn’t random. If Into the Dead 2 requires quick reflexes, then Last Day on Earth: Survival asks for something else. What Last Day on Earth: Survival requires the player is tactical thinking & judgment.



Last day on Earth brings a sense of excitement, fear và a little bit of excitement to the zombies everywhere and always looks for survivors lớn eat. Only secure và secure shelters can help you stay alive in this game.

When died, you will have to lớn start over with zero. So everything you vì should be carefully considered, no matter where you go or what you vì chưng. Collect more weapons with the potential for damage such as guns or TB khổng lồ protect your body toàn thân. They will help you protect yourself when suddenly attacked.

Fight till the end


Last Day on Earth: Survival is a difficult game. In part because of its gameplay itself, in part, because the publisher will not give sầu any instructions during the game.

There is nothing to criticize about graphics

Not only good, Last Day on Earth: Survival is beautiful too. This game possesses 3D graphics with realistic-looking thiết kế, easy-to-view, with a 3rd view. Small details in the game took care of because the công trình system is extremely rich.

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At the top right of the screen, there is a radar that allows you khổng lồ detect zombies coming towards you. Below are the navigation keys and functional buttons such as attachồng, pichồng up, open the bag or hide …

MOD APK version of Last Day on Earth: Survival

You can start playing with the original version of the game. But over time, you will find that this game is really hard & the MOD version of the game will help you solve sầu the problem.

MOD features

Through the MOD Menu (mở cửa by clicking on the floating ibé in the game), you can turn on/off the following features:

Free Craftvà BuildAll Recipes UnlockedFast Craft on WorkbenchMax DurabilityInstant Walk on Global MapMagic SplitUnlimited Foods

Can’t see the MOD Menu?

Go to lớn Settings -> Apps -> LDOE -> AllowApps that can appear on top. Cđại bại & open the game again!

Is it possible to use MOD in Sector 7?

No. This is a new area with strict security. Do not log inkhổng lồ zone 7 otherwise your data may be lost.

Items that cannot be created

Horse SaddleKevlar TrousersMortarMetal PipeAssault HelmetAssault Body ArmorAssault TrousersAssault BootsATV TransmissionClan BannerTactical BackpackH& PumpRepair StationZombie TruckS&W MagnumMI24Electronics LabThe DragunovMetal CutterHow to lớn install

If you’ve installed the game through XAPK files before, this process is not difficult for you.Step 1: Download the XAPK file lớn your deviceStep 2: Install XAPK file though XAPKS Installer. You can tải về it here.Step 3: xuất hiện and play. After installing và opening the game, the game will ask you khổng lồ enable Apps that can appear on top. Please allow this!Step 4: LDOE will automatically exit to lớn save the settings, open the game again to enjoy.

How lớn update the MOD version without data loss

You just need khổng lồ tải về the new MOD version of LDOE at asusexponăm trướ và install it normally.Note: Do not delete the current version to lớn prevent from data loss.

How to lớn backup/save game data?

While updating to lớn the new version is quite safe, you should still actively baông xã up game data khổng lồ make sure everything is under control. Here’s how you can bởi this (No root needed):


Step 1: Open any file manager application.Step 2: Go khổng lồ Android/data folder on the device’s memory.Step 3: The game data is saved at zombie.survival.craft.z thư mục, you just need khổng lồ copy or compress this folder to lớn another location.Step 4: When you want lớn recover data, you put the folder or extract baông chồng lớn the Android/data folder

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK for Android

There’s really a lot lớn say about Last Day on Earth: Survival, but for a limited amount of time, I can not say everything lớn you. This also makes your experience more enjoyable when experiencing features that I have sầu not mentioned yet.

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If you want lớn try to face the zombies everywhere, Last Day on Earth: Survival will certainly be attractive khổng lồ you. The game is không lấy phí & currently, supports both iOS & Android. You can download the game via the links below.