Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy


Massachusetts has seen a steady decline in grand theft tự động cases since the mid-1970s when it was sometimes referred khổng lồ as “the country’s oto theft capital.” At one point, the parking lot at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, a mall just down the street from our offices, was one of the most notorious aut0 theft spots in the state.

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In 2012, Boston alone reported 1,575 stolen vehicles. While this figure is far better than those reported long ago, residents need to lớn take every possible safety precaution to prevent this type of crime.

Safety Tips for Preventing oto Theft

Although most of us usually remember khổng lồ always lock our cars — even when we expect to lớn return to them in a very short span of time — many other safety tips are often forgotten or overlooked. Here are some of the most valuable ones.

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Always drive a vehicle with a properly operating anti-theft device or alarm system;Never leave any valuable items in plain view in your vehicle. Thieves are much more likely to try & break in and thwart your locking mechanisms when they see an expensive laptop, phone or other device that can be easily fenced;If my must leave a spare key in your vehicle, make sure you never leave it just under the seat or somewhere else where a crook might easily look;Always park your vehicle in a well-lit area or upscale garage with plenty of lighting;Although most cars have alarms to lớn remind you, never leave your keys in the ignition, even if you only expect lớn be gone a short while;Keep your windows up và locked. Thieves often look for obvious ways to lớn pry mở cửa windows to lớn gain access to lớn your car;If your oto or truck doesn’t come with one, consider installing a high-tech tracking device so that if your vehicle is stolen, the police will have an easier time finding it for you;Never give others a spare set of your keys unless they’re close family members you trust

Car Models Most Likely lớn Be Stolen

According khổng lồ a recent CNBC report, thieves aren’t always looking for the most expensive cars when trying lớn steal one and make money. In fact, they often choose older models that last a long time & frequently use many of the same parts found in newer models. Older vehicles are also attractive since they often lack the sophisticated anti-theft features common to lớn many newer vehicles. The following danh sách can alert owners to lớn take extra safety measures when driving one of these favorite vehicles of today’s criminals.

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The Toyota CorollaThe Ford ExplorerChevrolet PickupsThe 2000 Dodge CaravanThe 1994 Acura IntegraThe 1991 Toyota CamryThe 1995 Honda CivicThe 2004 Dodge Ram PickupThe 1997 Ford F-150 PickupThe 1994 Honda Accord

 Special Massachusetts Efforts khổng lồ Prevent oto Thefts

Many residents appreciate the diligent efforts being made by the Governor’s tự động Theft Strike Force. Qualifying citizens who provide law enforcement with “information that leads to lớn the arrest of a car thief, or the location of a ‘chop shop’” (where car parts are “harvested” & then later sold illegally) can net a cash reward of up lớn ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00). Lớn participate in this program, just hotline 1-800-HOT-AUTO.