Malicious Là Gì

intended to cause damage khổng lồ a computer system, or khổng lồ steal private information from a computer system:

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malicious software or computer programs are designed to damage other people"s computers & prevent them from working normally:
Recent incidents have sầu demonstrated how easily malicious hackers are able to disrupt the operations of many large companies.
The latter also ensure that agents are properly authenticated and therefore present a first line of defence against malicious agents in open multi-agent systems.
If there were no malicious individuals in society, there would be no need for trust, & no need for security for that matter.
The critical point is that the input operation could have sầu been programmed lớn tải về a malicious component from a remote, untrusted, host.
Five sầu separate statutes were included: larceny, malicious damage lớn property, forgery, coinage, and offences against the person.
He concluded that the malicious intentions of his client"s wife would make her request for divorce invalid.
Their crimes were not driven by malicious calculation, but sparked by the most mundane disagreements that escalated out of control.
When faced with a serious injustice, controlled selfdiscipline requires righteous indignation, which could easily take the form of anger, but not of malicious revenge.
Furthermore, some will argue that the sort of malicious "pleasure" described above sầu does not really constitute pleasure or (positive) welfare.
Guiding & regulating the behaviour of the agents in such systems to discourage malicious behaviour, harmful interactions & enhance trust is a difficult problem.
Alternatively, a manipulative adult may try to confuse and mislead the child to cover up improper, reckless, or malicious conduct.
At the same view it was ordained by the mayor và jurats that anyone addressing malicious words to the mayor would be fined 3s 4d.

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The main existing approaches are based on the idea to advertise reputation information in order to lớn penalize peers with malicious behavior.
A soft security approach fully anticipates and accepts, as does the society, the existence of malicious participants.
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the act of collecting or producing money for a particular purpose, especially for a charity

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