- Platsize is a Matrimony App for single working professionals who seek khổng lồ find their life partner và soul mate. It is one of a kind matrimony platsize that aspires lớn bring baông xã magic and freshness to lớn the lives of single men & women. We are unlượt thích tons of other matrimony apps and matrimony sites that have sầu commercialized the matrimony process. And once you join, you would be able khổng lồ experience the world of matrimony, lượt thích never before.

Bạn đang xem: Socnhi aspires to infuse some romance & realism inkhổng lồ your life by giving you opportunities lớn connect lớn REAL people more naturally, more magically và in a variety of ways. On the platkhung, you will get lớn meet like-minded people và curated matches in a natural way.

Our Platform is for the bold single working professionals who know what they want and will only settle for the best.

Get REAL, get BOLD, See the MAGIC unfold!


 Meet People

real vs virtual world Matrimony App is designed for people who want khổng lồ meet other people in REAL, not from behind a virtual screen. So while the tiện ích is only the initial ice breaker lớn connect with few limited matches và see if you want khổng lồ connect with them, but after that you would have sầu many opportunities to lớn meet them.


Attend Events

get dazzled

Depending on your preference and interests, we would be inviting you to lớn events where you would get khổng lồ meet with other professionals lượt thích you.


Invite Only Platform

 singles next door is an Exclusive sầu Invite only App.Our matchmaker then goes through the profiles khổng lồ ensure they are genuine and speaks lớn them one-o-one to lớn underst& their personality và preferences better. Post that your profile goes live, và you can connect with select curated matches.

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Register For Events

Our Events are designed for the Modern working Professionals who happen lớn also be single.

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