Pet Shop Of Horrors

Tesso no OriVol: 5; Ch: 20Shounen Magazine Edge2017 - 2018

Antique store worker Imagawa, aging doctor Kuonji, and writer Sekiguchi, are all fascinated by mysterious events happening in Hakone, including a series of murders of Buddhist monks & a little girl in a kimono who wanders through the mountains.

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TagsDramaHorrorMysteryShounenHistoricalPsychologicalShinimono GakariVol: 2; Ch: 12Comic Gene2019 - 2021

"Shinomi-no-moku", which exists only in the 1st year group C of Shitsuji Junior High School.It is the person who takes care of the nesting at school. A boy Shibao was forced to lớn play a role that he didn"t understand at the beginning of school. What appeared in front of him who was confused was a strange girl, Sorako Fujimi, who ran for "Shininomono".

TagsDramaHorrorJoseiMysteryPsychologicalSchool LifeSmashed: Junji Ito Story CollectionVol: 1; Ch: 14Nemuki2002 - 2006
TagsDramaHorrorJoseiMysteryCollectionsPsychologicalKonna Jinsei wa Zettai IyadaVol: 1+; Ch: 10+Kuromitsu2020 - ?

A place where everyday life is boring, but if you fall, you will never be able to return.Saki, an ordinary high school girl, was spending sober days trying hard to study.The trouble is that the relationship with the parents is not good.Saki was receiving eight hits because her parents were out of order.Other than that, it was mostly mediocre, & it was a decent despair.One day, Saki is scared when she is spotted by a bad group in high school, but for some reason Saki và the bad guys build a cozy relationship.Saki"s heart, worried about her relationship with her parents, fluttered at the time with the bad guys.That was the beginning of the tragedy.

TagsDramaHorrorJoseiMysteryH.P. Lovecraft"s The Hound and Other StoriesVol: 1; Ch: 4Comic Beam2009 - 2014

St. John và his friend have a deranged interest in robbing graves. They constantly defile crypts và often keep souvenirs of their nocturnal expeditions. Since they reside in the same house, they have the opportunity to lớn set up a sort of morbid museum in their basement. Using the objects they collect from the various graves they have robbed, they organize the private exhibition. The collection consists of headstones, preserved bodies, skulls, & several heads in different phases of decomposition. It also included statues, frightful paintings, & a locked portfolio bound in tanned human-skin.

TagsDramaFantasyHorrorMysterySeinenCollectionsHistoricalPsychologicalToukei IbunVol: 4; Ch: 23Comic Birz2001 - 2003

Imagine living in a town where supernatural beings stalk the night for their next prey. Toukei Ibun takes place 29 years after Tokyo was established as the capital of modern Japan. Manzou is the owner of an inn in the town of Asakusa. His friend Hirakawa is a journalist who is investigating the bizarre crimes that keep occurring all over the city in the dead of night.

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TagsDramaHorrorMysterySeinenCrimeHistoricalPsychologicalDiaboloVol: 3; Ch: 16Comic Crimson2001 - 2003

Ten years ago, close friends Rai and Ren made a giảm giá with evil: they wanted the strength to lớn protect their friend Mio, but she disappeared & the two were blamed for her apparent ‘murder." Their deal, lượt thích the đơn hàng of many others in the world, had a serious consequence: they became the Diabolo, và at the age of eighteen they"d thua trận their souls and become something inhuman. Now, Rai and Ren are seventeen and on a hunt lớn find Mio while they are still human. Along the way they try to lớn help save others who broker the same giao dịch out of jealousy and desperation, but their eighteenth birthdays steadily approach...

TagsDramaHorrorMysterySeinenPsychologicalShort EpisodesSupernaturalSi Ling Bianma: Zhi Shijie Caozong ZheWeb (12 eps)Foch2013 - 2014
TagsHorrorMysteryChinese AnimationPsychologicalShort EpisodesSi Ling Bianma: Zhi Shijie Caozong Zhe RecapWeb (1 ep)Foch2014
TagsHorrorMysteryChinese AnimationPsychologicalRecapJunji Ito "Collection": TomieDVD Special (2 eps)Studio DEEN2018

Tomie Kawakami is a femme fatale with long đen hair và a beauty mark just under her left eye. She can seduce nearly any man, và drive them to murder as well, even though the victim is often Tomie herself. While one lover seeks lớn keep her for himself, another grows terrified of the immortal succubus. But soon they realize no matter how many times they kill her, the world will never be không tính phí of Tomie.

TagsDramaHorrorJoseiSupernaturalViolencemeiyo & asmi: Nani Yattemo Umaku IkanaiMusic clip (1 ep)2022

The official music videoNani Yattemo Umaku Ikanai, by meiyoand asmi.

Kuzumi Hiroshi moves with his crippled sister and his father to lớn the remote đô thị of Jouga, which is famous for its hassaku citrus and the rumors that a species of enormous wolves once lived in the area. While some of the residents are more than friendly, when people begin lớn vanish suddenly, it becomes apparent that something sinister is afoot...

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TagsHorrorMysteryLifestyle ChangePsychologicalSupernaturalThrillerViolenceUmineko: When They CryTV (26 eps)Studio DEEN2009

In the year 1986, eighteen members of the Ushiromiya family head to Rokken Island where Kinzo, the elderly head of the household, will soon choose one of them as his successor. A portrait of the Golden Witch Beatrice greets them as they arrive at the family mansion, along with a disturbing epitaph: she will be resurrected on the ninth twilight after a number of bloody sacrifices. Unfortunately for the group, the statements come true, và soon the carnage begins. Will anybody walk away from the ominous island, or are their destinies due lớn be forever ruled by Beatrice?


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