- can safely remove SSFK.EXE (PUP.ELEX/Variant) andprotect your computer from spyware, malware, ransomware, adware,rootkits, worms, trojans, keyloggers, bots và otherforms of harmful software.


The tệp tin SSFK.EXE should be immediately removedfrom your system using if thefile is found lớn be harmful after you scan SSFK.EXE with

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Scan your Computer

You may have a malware infection on your computer and not even know it.

Remove Spyware Quickly and Easily will quickly scan your PC và remove even the toughest threats.

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Our expert technicians can assist you by remotely diagnosing your system.

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Protect your identity và personal information by cleaning your system.

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Country & Region Information

The tệp tin SSFK.EXE was firstobserved on Aug 23 năm nhâm thìn and last seen onAug 23 2016. It has been submitted for analysis fromthe following 10 geographical locations.

United Arab Emirates





United Kingdom

United States



Russian Federation

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Unique Filenames

The tệp tin SSFK.EXE was observed with the following file sizes.163,552 bytes163,040 bytes162,016 bytes162,528 bytes165,088 bytes132,320 bytes134,880 bytes133,344 bytes133,856 bytes137,440 bytes132,832 bytes134,848 bytes136,384 bytes133,312 bytes133,328 bytes138,448 bytes137,424 bytes130,768 bytes196,288 bytes183,968 bytes155,840 bytes174,272 bytes172,224 bytes161,472 bytes160,960 bytes182,976 bytes158,400 bytes187,072 bytes173,248 bytes183,488 bytes291,520 bytes178,176 bytes291,488 bytes301,216 bytes302,216 bytes302,240 bytes172,192 bytes