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Steam Sale start dates are a guarded secret at Valve sầu, but they always seem to lớn slip out before the sales actually happen. Information is shared with developers & partners, but if customers knew exactly when a sale was going lớn drop, many would simply wait for the discounts.

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Fortunately, Steam sales happen fairly consistently across the year, making them fairly easy to predict. Even amidst Covid-19 delays in 2020, Valve"s sales were full steam ahead. The same has been true so far in 2021.

The seasonal sales offer the broadest và deepest price cuts, & they tkết thúc khổng lồ occur during Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. As it does every year, Steam"s big summer sale has kicked off with thousands of games on sale, more items khổng lồ buy in the Points Shop, and a meta adventure with stickers khổng lồ earn.

When is the next Steam sale?

The next Steam Sale should be the Halloween Sale near the end of October.

When is the next Steam Next Fest?

The next Steam Next Fest will run from October 1 - October 7, 2021.

Steam Festivals (now called Next Fest) aren"t sales, exactly, but they"re another way khổng lồ play games for cheap. Since 2020, Steam has been running regular festival weeks where hundreds of upcoming games offer miễn phí demos for you to play. It can be a daunting danh sách lớn sort through, like sales are, but it"s a great way to lớn try something you"ve had your eye on.

When vày Steam sales usually happen?

Steam sales (usually) occur at regular times of the year. By looking baông chồng at Steam sale dates from the last few years we can guess approximate dates for 2021.

Steam sales tend to lớn start at at 6pm BST/1pm EDT/10am PDT on the third or fourth Thursday of their respective month, with the exception of Autumn/Blachồng Friday sales, which have sầu landed on Wednesdays in the last few years.

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021: February 11th - February 15th, 2021

Steam Golden Week Sale 2021: April 29th - May 6th, 2021

Steam Spring Sale 2021: May 27th - 31st, 2021

Steam Summer Sale 2021: June 24th - July 8th, 2021

Steam Halloween Sale 2021: Likely the end of October 2021

Steam Blaông chồng Friday/Autumn Sale 2021: Likely November 24th, 2021

Steam Winter Sale 2021: December 2021


How long bởi vì Steam sales last?

The Summer và Winter sales are the big ones. They tend khổng lồ last two weeks (ish). Other sales like the Lunar New Year sale và Blaông chồng Friday sale last about one week.

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Which is the best Steam Sale?

We tover to lớn see the biggest discounts in the Summer & Winter sales, & the Summer sales tkết thúc lớn be the best. Autumn and Winter sales tend to lớn be a bit too cthua kém khổng lồ the Fall release season to allow for significant discounts on new releases. By the following summer you can get great discounts on relatively new games.(Here"s how long it usually takes for games lớn get cheap on Steam.)

In the past, when we"ve sầu rounded up the best Steam đơn hàng ever, we"ve sầu seen some remarkable discounts. Valve"s Portal 2 went from $50 lớn $5 in the Summer Sale a year after release.

Steam sale tips

Use your wishlist

Whenever you see a game you might want, add it to your wishdanh sách. You will receive notifications when wishlisted games are on sale và having a danh mục makes it easier khổng lồ resist buying unlisted games for the sake of it on impulse. If a game is not on your menu, do you really want it?

Looking for a way to lớn quickly fill up your wishlist? Cheông chồng out our round up of the top 100 games you can play on PC today. Here are 100 other smaller games judged by algorithm khổng lồ be the best hidden gems on Steam. And these are the best PC games we recommend right now.

Keep an eye on publisher bundles

quảng cáo online bundles can knoông xã lots of money off entire series or catalogues. If you want to buy an individual Hitman game then you might want khổng lồ check for a series bundle—chances are you could get all of the games for not much more.

Snap up expansions & DLC

Expansions can often feel a little overpriced, especially if they"re only adding a few hours of new stuff khổng lồ your game. In Steam sales you can piông xã up a lot of DLC for just a few bucks và reinvigorate games in your back catalogue.

Stoông xã up on indie treats

You can get big percentage discounts on big budget games in the major Steam Sales, but even with a hefty tryên ổn those games can still cost đôi mươi or 30 bucks. If you want lớn maximise the amount of play time you get out of a Steam sale, chất lượng indie games go down to lớn dollars, và even cents.If you need more storage to lớn hold them all, these are the best SSDs for gaming right now.

You can always wait for another sale

If you"re not going to play a game before the next big Steam sale rolls around, you might as well wait. Chances are the discounts will increase as the annual sales roll by, all while you"re clearing your backlog.

It"s also much easier lớn wait on a purchase these days because there are no daily or flash đơn hàng. If you see a discount, you know that"s going to be stable until the end of the sale so you can wait a few days khổng lồ make a decision. Maybe that"ll give you time lớn nâng cấp lớn one of the best gaming PCs, or piông xã out a new graphics thẻ if you need lớn tăng cấp.

Chechồng on weekends for publisher or themed sales

It"s not uncommon for a publisher lớn showcase all of its products on sale during a weekkết thúc, an sự kiện which is usually marked by a homepage takeover of sorts. Look out for these if you"re after a blockbuster game at a better price.

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Consider Steam resellers if you don"t want to lớn wait for a sale

Chechồng out our guide on where to buy PC games, if you want more places khổng lồ siêu thị around.