This 2021 "game of thrones" season 8 trailer is so confusing

2021 trò chơi of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Tells The Final Season Honestly A new Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer, released as part of the show"s "Iron Anniversary," is an honest retelling of the final season"s events.

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Daenerys Targaryen and the Iron Throne
The trò chơi of Thrones season 8 trailer just released by HBO is an honest retelling of the events of the final season. It"s been nearly two years since the final episode of the show aired, và although there are many trò chơi of Thrones projects in development, there has been little buzz recently about the concluded fantasy show. However, in light of recent occasions, fans of the show have reason khổng lồ relive their excitement about it once more.

The HBO series is celebrating 10 years since its pilot episode aired, and have titled the occasion, "The Iron Anniversary." The sự kiện is a month-long celebration of the cast, crew, và production of the show, with HBO releasing interviews & behind-the-scenes videos on the official website, with even more content on HBO Max. In addition, new merchandise is also soon to lớn be released, và fans can binge the series khổng lồ fundraise for various causes. On top of it all, the trò chơi of Thrones social media channels, which have remained relatively dormant since the show"s conclusion, have sầu suddenly become active again.

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Aao ước the trò chơi of Thrones social media accounts that have become active once more, is their YouTube channel. After the release of the Iron Anniversary promotional video clip, HBO released new trailers for all eight seasons of Game of Thrones. The new season 8 trailer, which can be found on the GameofThrones Youtube Channel, retells the events of the season honestly. Cheông xã it out below:

Unlượt thích the original season 8 trailer, which was released the month prior to the start of season 8 baông xã in 2019, the 2021 trailer is not spoiler-free. While the original shied away from major spoilers, the new trailer showed climactic moments such as the burning of King"s Landing in episode 5, "The Bells", và the face-to-face encounter between Jon Snow and the Night King in episode 3, "The Long Night." In doing so, this new trailer may bring baông xã some painful memories for fans who were not satisfied with the show"s conclusion.

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The sudden re-excitement about trò chơi of Thrones comes during a lull between various projects within the franchise. Spin-off shows, such as the Targaryen prequel series, House of the Dragon, and future projects from series mastermind George R.R. Martin, are years away from premiering on HBO. Hopefully the promising reaction from fans about the Iron Anniversary proves that the future of Game of Thrones is one to look forward to, whether or not the season 8 ending was satisfying.