A brand new update khổng lồ the one of the most favorite games on Funky Potato! If you love the retro 2d beat’em up games, this is the right choice. Just choose your favorite character and enjoy the epic melee fight. You can bởi some training first, then play solo against CPU or challenge your friends in Two Players mode. Have fun!

IMPORTANT: Player 2 controls are located on the Numerical Keyboard!

Game Controls:Before the game: WASD to select options, J to confirm your selection

Player 1:A/D – Move. S – Defense. J – Attack. K – Jump. L – Sprint. U – Far attackI – Special (you must have enough mana!)

Combos: S + J, S + U,, S + I, W + U, W + I, W + JQuiet step: S + L, W + L

Player 2:Left / Right Arrows – Move. (↓) Down Arrow – Defense. 1 – Attack. 2 – Jump. 3 – Sprint. 4 – Far attack5 – Special (you must have enough mana!)

Combos: ↓ + 1, ↓ + 4, ↓ + 5, ↑ + 1, ↑ +4, ↑ +5Quiet step: ↓ + 3, ↑ + 3

Get funky with Funky Potato không tính tiền Online Games!

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