How To Play The Legend Of Zelda On Your Windows Pc


Breath of the Wild is a near-perfect game, but super fans might be looking to lớn change up the experience after four years on the market. The best Breath of the Wild mods for PC help you vị that, changing up everything from character and weapon models to lớn the core mechanics of Breath of the Wild. 

You’ll need a copy of Breath of the Wild khổng lồ run through an emulator khổng lồ get these mods to lớn work — they won’t work on the Wii U or Switch. Like most modding endeavors, you also need a decent knowledge of installing & configuring mods lớn get Breath of the Wild running properly. On PC, you need the Cemu emulator & a dump of your Breath of the Wild game tệp tin.

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You can then run the game tệp tin through the emulator, which is already half of the battle. From there, loading mods is simple. Our first recommendation handles all of the background work so you can easily use mods in the game.

Further reading

BCML Cross-Platsize Mod Loader


The BCML Cross-Platkhung Mod Loader is the medicine before the candy for Breath of the Wild. The game was designed lớn run on the Switch and Wii U without any changes, so loading up more than a thủ thuật or two will surely bring buggy performance và crashes. BCML is a gian lận loader that helps you organize and load your mods. In addition to lớn making sure everything works together, the tool makes it easy lớn quickly experiment with different mods without uninstalling and reinstalling them.

If you want to mod Breath of the Wild, BCML will make your life a whole lot easier.

Linkle + Alternative sầu Hair


Linkle is a gian lận that changes Link inkhổng lồ Linkle from Hyrule Warriors. In addition to lớn changing up the character mã sản phẩm, this popular Breath of the Wild Mod includes alternate armor designs lớn give sầu you a little bit of character customization, especially after you’ve collected the best armor in the game. The modder also has tools khổng lồ fix armor icons, dialogue, the title screen, và more.

We’re recommending Linkle alongside the Alternative sầu Hair and Eye Colors gian lận, too. This gian lận only works with Linkle, but it gives you access lớn a wider range of hair và eye colors. With the two, you can build your own character creator inside Breath of the Wild. 

No Shield Damage from Surfing


Shield surfing is some of the most fun you can have sầu in Breath of the Wild. But, unfortunately, churning through shields as they take damage to keep your surfing habit up is a chore. That’s where the No Shield Damage from Surfing mod comes in, which tells you everything you need to know in the name. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with other shield mods.

Hyrule Rebalance


Hyrule Rebalance is currently in its seventh version, và it overhauls nearly every aspect of Breath of the Wild. Loot is rebalanced lớn enemy difficulty, loot price is rebalanced to lớn rarity, bugs are bigger and easier lớn catch, and bow range scales with bow power. And those are just a few of the changes that Hyrule Rebalance brings.

Although Breath of the Wild is balanced out of the box, Hyrule Rebalance still brings some quality-of-life improvements. It’s a great gian lận lớn experiment with if you’ve sầu already played Breath of the Wild and are looking for a slightly altered experience.

End Game


End Game, despite what the name suggests, doesn’t add any endgame content to Breath of the Wild. Instead, it rebalances the final trùm battle with Ganon khổng lồ provide a more challenging và entertaining fight. First, it forces you to lớn fight the four Blights at Hyrule Castle, regardless of if you’ve beaten the Divine Beasts or not. The hack also makes Ganon & the Blights faster and their stun times lower, making the fight more difficult.

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If this is your second (or seventh) time through Breath of the Wild, End Game provides enough of a challenge khổng lồ keep you hooked.

Second Wind


Calling Second Wind a thủ thuật doesn’t do it enough justice. It expands Breath of the Wild in the way official DLC would, adding new quests, weapons, bosses, & more. It borrows a lot from other mods, including Survival of the Wild, End trò chơi, & Hyrule Rebalance (all included on this list). It also adds new music, a new town, và a slew of extra goodies.

The gian lận is based around the Ancient Trial quest, which also includes 15 side quests. The developer is currently working on the Ancient Islvà, which is another large expansion that offers an overarching quest. After you’ve tracked down all the captured memory locations, Second Wind gives you plenty khổng lồ chew on.

Xbox One/PS4 UI


If you’re playing with an Xbox One or PS4 controller, you can update the interface lớn reflect your controller & the buttons on it. The Xbox One UI mode gives you Xbox button prompts, and the PS4 UI gives you DualShoông xã 4 prompts. Although not as exciting as Second Wind or End Game, updating the UI can get around a lot of confusion with the Switch button prompts.

Survival of the Wild


Survival of the Wild focuses on the survival mechanics in Breath of the Wild. It expands the weather system to lớn be more unforgiving, adds a hunger system, and changes up the UI for a minimadanh mục look. If you’re looking for a more demanding, challenging Breath of the Wild experience, Survival of the Wild is for you. It changes a lot in the game to force you lớn think about survival over exploration, which is a great change of pace on a second playthrough.

Classic Weapons Pack


The Classic Weapons Pachồng mod adds some iconic swords and shields from The Legover of Zeldomain authority franchise into Breath of the Wild. It replaces the models of some of the weapons in the game with options lượt thích the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Timethe Ikamãng cầu Mirror Shield from Majora’s Mask, & the Knight Shield from Hyrule Warriors. 

Although it doesn’t change the Breath of the Wild experience, the Classic Weapons Pack gian lận still adds a nice dash of visual flair. Plus, they look great in your inventory alongside the best weapons in Breath of the Wild

HD Menu và Map


Emulating Breath of the Wild allows you khổng lồ push the resolution beyond the Switch’s 1080p output, but some elements don’t carry over lớn the higher resolution. Take the maps và menu icons, for example. The HD Menu và Map mod gets around the problem by replacing the icons with higher-resolution versions. In addition khổng lồ cống phẩm icons, the gian lận enhances map icons by over three times the base resolution lớn give the game a sharper look overall.

Revo Reshade Redux


Breath of the Wild is a beautiful game, but you can make it look even better with the Revo Reshade Redux mod. The thủ thuật removes the yellow haze in Breath of the Wild và balances the colors, lending to a more natural look. It boosts the contrast a lot, too, which gives the world more depth at higher resolutions.

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The mod was designed with the RTGI ray tracing shader for Breath of the Wild in mind. This gian lận enhances reflections lớn offer a ray tracing effect, though you can only access it by subscribing to the developer’s Patreon.